Karoline & Karol


Places really do hold special places in our hearts. Somewhere you go back to over and over, you know it inside and out yet it never gets old. It's almost like a second home but make it in nature.

Karoline & Karol met on a camping trip quite some time ago, and their favourite place to go camping together is Killbear Provincial Park. Therefore the most unsuspecting place to propose is on a camping trip, in Killbear.

So Karoline and Karol are getting married, this is a few minutes after Karol proposed.
Karoline and Karol are both musicians, and Karoline has been eyeing this guitar for the last several months (years?). Karol sneakily got this set up and had the guitar brought to their camping trip. Karoline obviously started playing, cue the celebrations.


Sing to You - AcousticJohn Splithoff