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Monica & Mike


Have you ever met two people, and them being together just, makes sense? Like they fit together so perfectly, you don't imagine one without the other? You can feel their energy constantly shifting back to each other with stolen glances or sneaky kisses? Well that's Monica & Mike.

Being together a solid 8 years the love these two share is honestly beyond words. Being together through thick and thin, growing closer to one another, sharing their mutual love for the Lord, entering adulthood together, and seeing the other become the best version of themselves. Entering marriage together is just another level of their relationship they have unlocked, such a deep soul bond.

I have such a soft spot for Polish weddings (being Polish myself) but when I say this is one of the lit-est weddings I've attended is an understatement. The love that surrounded them from their family and friends was unreal. They have so many supportive people in their lives that will always be rooting and praying for them. The dance floor was PACKED the entire night (you'll see) everyone was jamming until they were all politely asked to go home at 2AM. No joke.

The beginning of their friendship began with this song, and it has become an anthem for these two. Obviously it ended up being their first dance, so please take a peek into Monica & Mike's love story with their soundtrack playing...


Better TogetherJack Johnson


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