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Maylee & Chris


Maylee and Chris wanted their elopement day to represent them in the fullest. They wanted their love and families to be the centre of their day, and OH BOY did that happen. They had their ceremony in Maylee's childhood home in Chatham (where her parents still live), in the backyard under a beautiful clear tent filled with so many plants, handmade pieces and twinkly lights.

Maylee and I were best friends in elementary school, it was so incredible witnessing her marry the love of her life, Chris, who is a mirror image of her soul, who truly brings out the best in her. It's a bittersweet thing growing up, but having your path cross with someone from your childhood when both of your lives are in such different places is amazing. The day was charged with so many emotions and beautiful moments, that I teared up a few times.

The entire wedding was designed by Maylee and her family; her dad built all of the tables, her mom thrifted and collected all of the wooden chairs, her brother provided the wedding favours which where baby spruce trees you could plant right away, and Maylee made the decorations as well as the cake and so many more elements that I'll run out of room if I name them all! The phases of the moon and stars were heavily used in their decor, and it added such a dreamy aspect to their day.

If you were to boil their relationship down to one quote it would be:
"You are my sun, my moon and all my stars." ⁠—⁠ E.E. Cummings

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